A consultation is vital to establish if hair extensions are appropriate for you. This is determined by your hair condition and length. If given the go ahead, we will then colour match your hair.


We ask that you wash and straighten your hair WITHOUT conditioning. Please allow 2 1/2hrs for your install though an estimated time frame will be given at your consultation.


This varies for every client but we ask that you refrain from washing your hair for 5 days on the fuion bonds to ensure they are set. If it is necessary to do so, please wash the top section of your hair only.

You WILL experience some shedding. This is completely normal and will lessen after the first week.



As a rule your hair extensions must be removed at three months. 
Remember, we are here to assist you throughout the duration of your extensions. We would rather you contact us regarding any problems or concerns so that we can do all we can to help. Hair extensions should be fun, not hard work!


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