Benefits of Russian Hair Extensions

Light, natural and free in movement. Russian hair consists of a fine to medium density, allowing it to sit and move lightly.

Natural styling effect. Russian hair is naturally straight or wavy, giving the appearance of effortless beauty and style

Long life span. Russian hair is strong and durable and, with proper maintenance, hair extensions can last for 1 to 2 years.

Russian hair is Caucasian hair that has not been chemically altered in any way. It is the same colour and texture as when cut from the donor. We guarantee that the hair we use is authentic Russian hair extensions.

The benefits of Russian hair is the longevity of the hair as it has not been chemically processed. You can have the hair coloured or highlighted but it should be done only by a professional with great care to maintain the integrity of the hair. If handled with care by the client this hair can last for years.

Another benefit of Russian hair is the fine denier and silky soft texture that is incomparable in the human hair extension market. One of the reasons this type of hair is so coveted by many is the stunning shine, natural appearance that is so easy to blend with your own scalp hair and finally the way the hair moves. It is a signature look for a sleek silky straight or very slight body that is difficult to achieve with any other hair type.