Is a strand by strand application method but the difference is that there is no heat involved. With the help of ultrasonic hair extensions machine flat , small and absolutely undetectable bonds are performed. Instead of heat ultrasonic waves are used to apply tiny keratin bonds to your hair. Your hair will not be mixed with keratin, that is why removal will be clean and easy. To remove this type of bonds oil base dis solvent and removal pliers will be used. Your hair extensions will look natural and not stiff thank you to keratin based polymer which is very flexible.The bond formed is invisible strong bond and does not cause any scalp damage as in hot fusion technique. With cold fusion hair extension technique you can add hair extensions anywhere on your scalp , also in frontal part. Cold fusion hair extensions have been useful for people suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is a health problem where a person suffers from hair loss throughout the body and his/her hair become thin and brittle. Cold fusion hair extensions help such people to get a natural look of thick hair. Another benefit of cold fusion hair extensions is, it has helped cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy to get a natural look.


• Our 100% Russian or Indian Remy human hair extensions are designed to be applied as single bonds, which mean partial as well as full placements can be made easily, efficiently and accurately. This enables us to create unique and individual styles for you that remains secure and comfortable; placing our Cold Fusion hair extension system at the forefront of the UK industry.

• Using ultrasound technology, Cold Fusion uses virtually NO HEAT and NO HOT GLUE offering protection against your Natural hair.

• On the top of each lock of hair, we attach a thin sheet of keratin. As keratin is a natural component of human hair, it ensures that the hair extension blends perfectly with the natural hair, improving the application process by making it simple yet precise.

• Utilises a ‘V’ shaped Keratin bond, your hair is placed within the bond recess, and sandwiched between the keratin compound, resulting in a flat bond which remains virtually undetectable to sight and touch. There is no mixing of the hair extensions and your natural hair, so removal of the extensions is clean and simple.

• We provide Cuticle Correct Remy Hair, therefore the hair is stronger, shinier, more lively, durable & natural.

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Full head flat keratin bonds from £600

Half head flat keratin bonds from £350


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