What you need to know about your choice of 'Hair'

The source of the hair determines the price. European human hair is nearly twice as expensive as Asian hair that needs to be bleached several times first, to adopt to European shades. Only with the use of human hair you can also tint, style and straighten extensions easily. In addition, we barely recognize the difference between our hair and human hair extensions, in case of using synthetic hair we feel difference straight away. Most of the hair comes imported from India. The hair coming from there are especially thick and therefore well suited for hair extension purposes.

With an intact cuticle, they are among the most expensive on the market of hair. Every day tens of thousands of Indian women and girls visit Temples to shave the hair from their heads and would receive no money. They follow an ancient tradition of the Hindus: they sacrifice their hair out of gratitude, for example, after a wish has been fulfilled. The temple barber collects the hair after shaving. Previously they were used for mattress filling and oil filters. Since there are hair extensions, they are sold to the highest bidder of hair wholesalers. The proceeds will be used for approximately one third for expansion and renovation of the temple and the remaining part is under state supervision in schools, orphanages and clinics. The hair wholesalers then sell the hair to hair extension company, where the hair are prepared for selling. Different methods are used, e.g. a special Osmosebad, when the hair are removed from the pigments. When they are blond, they are dyed in different colors.


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